2015-04-29 21.35.59Born and raised in San Diego, as a young child, Alex remembers being very intrigued when looking at his grandfathers old tattoos, blemished by the scars of war, the faded ink and blurry lines seemed to represent something mysterious. With this seed planted at such an early age, it was logical that his interest in tattoos would continue to grow.

His appreciation for body art became much stronger as a teenager with his involvement in the punk rock and hardcore subculture. Going to shows and seeing heavily tattooed people up close for the first time, he knew this was a path he would eventually follow. Alex first started collecting tattoos as a representation of his strong personal beliefs regarding straightedge and veganism. After many years of getting tattooed, he realized that he wanted to be on the other side of the needle, so in 2010 he began his tattooing career and has since developed a genuine love for the art of tattooing and the unique canvas that is skin.

After several years of refining his skills, he found his favorite type of tattooing to be dotwork/stippling, mandalas, sacred geometry, and other geometric patterns. It is this style that he is most passionate about. His objective for the future is to work with clients who are looking to get large scale dotwork/mandala style tattoos.

Additionally, Alex has developed an appreciation for fine art, particularly painting. Preferring to work with oil paints, he draws inspiration from the old masters of the renaissance. With a paintbrush, he is able to work with more freedom than is possible when working in skin.